The Barber Shop



Sir Barber is located on an historic spot of Athens, at the Sydagma Square, 7 Voulis Street (Bolani Passage).

Since 2014, we offer our services inside our modern designed facilities, with a touch of the old Athenians barber shops.

Our concept is to provide modern services with the old time classic equipments, such as scissors and comb for haircut and slitter for shaving, just like old times.

Our mission is to offer a unique experience of personal care to contemporary man.

Aggelos Antonopoulos

Owner of Sir Barber


Our Philosophy

Sir Barber OWNER

Aggelos Antonopoulos

Aggelos Antonopoulos was born in 1977 into a family of hairdressers. He had a strong influence and soon began to love the art of hairdressing.

He was very young when he started working at his father’s company, a hair salon founded in 1964 at Nea Smyrni’s central square. Along with experienced hairdressers and, with his father as teacher and mentor, he obtained his first basic knowledge.  All this years of practice and continuous training in London and Paris Schools gave him his current experience.

Inside this barber shop the past is combined with the future, tradition meet the expertise and offer you a unique experience.

History of Barber Shops

Traditional Barber Shop

The history of barber shops is deeply rooted back in time.

The habit of morning gatherings in a barber shop was first established in Sicily, in greek colonies, where people exchange social and political news. Back then, the barber was not only responsible for the care of the hair and scalp, but also for dental and surgical interventions. In ancient Athens, the noblemen were particularly interested in the looks of their beard, so the barbers were held in high regard.

Over the centuries, the profession of the barber divided from that of the surgeon, regarding the cure of the hair and scalp. In the 19th century, people prefer a doctor’s hair treatment and went to the barber shop only for haircut and shaving.

Only in 1920s and after a big effort and continually evolvement of hair techniques and products, the hair and scalp treatment started to be held inside a barber shop. And, until today, the contemporary barber shop is the place to find the values of the past combined with the modern techniques.

Traditional Shaving

Men and shaving is a relationship that goes far back. From Stone Age, where sharp objects were used, to the Egyptian years, where shaving was an important matter of a gentleman’s personal hygiene, as the ancient tombs can vividly show and as we go along over the centuries, men enjoy shaving their beards into various shapes and also colors.

Between 1800 and 1900 is the era that is considered as the golden era of the slitter. The barber shop were a luxury in a man’s life and the barber was never to careful with his almost surgical moves.

At the year 1901, King Camp Gillette invented the first safety razor and thereon shaving became an everyday procedure. The comfort and speed won the public, but the pleasure of this small ritual was gone.


Seniority and passion for work, guarantees you a unique experience.


Here at Sir Barber we value personal hygiene and sterilization of equipment.


Tradition is the main concept of our philosophy.